Get To Know Your Ground

Whether you are the client or the hydrogeologist, it’s important to know your ground. Beneath every site lies a black box of sediments and rock, with a dynamic groundwater flow system that is hydraulically connected to streams, lakes and wetlands on the surface.

A well-designed field program, appropriate for the study objectives, pays off in time and money, especially at sites where the geology and groundwater conditions are complex. The quality and quantity of field data must be defensible to satisfy regulatory requirements and withstand review scrutiny.

Because the subsurface is hidden from view, hydrogeology is arguably the most visual of sciences. So high-quality visualization is indispensable – for sound interpretation of the field data, and for effective communication of the study results.

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Land Developers

Environmental Law Firms

Professional Services

  • Groundwater resources: aquifer evaluation, sustainability assessment
  • Dewatering studies: PTTW applications
  • Groundwater-surface water interaction
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Contaminant migration
  • Groundwater monitoring
  • Data interpretation: hydraulic tests, cross-sections, flow system analysis
  • Technical reports: writing, editing, graphics, visualization
  • Technical peer reviews: internal or external
  • Educational seminars, webinars
  • Expert testimony
  • Design/supervision of drilling, instrumentation programs
  • In-situ hydraulic testing: pumping tests, single-borehole tests
  • Geological mapping, core logging, well installation, groundwater sampling

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